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ALLIS ELECTRIC COMPANY (AEC) of Italy was established in 1968 in Taipei Taiwan. By creating innovative cutting edge products. AEC Group as at today enjoys world leader status in Power Management Technology.
The company has grown over forty years due to firm commitment, excellence, and quality of products. The group represents an industrial alliance of great added value, counting in five industrial production sites located in China and Taiwan, three research and development departments, vision-related enterprises for export promotion, and a presence in seventy countries worldwide.

AEC Manufacture a range of high quality and feature-rich products. They are:
Uninterruptible power systems small, medium and big capacities Uninterruptible power systems for medical critical environments Uninterruptible power systems for external uses Rectifiers Inverters Transformers SCADA systems

Through AEC services, the company provides excellent after-sales services with a high level of customer care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.