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Fronius International Gmbh of Austria was established in 1945 by Gunter Fronius in Pattenbach, Austria and commenced production of battery chargers and welding transformers. In 1950, Fronius launched its first welding transformer with magnetic yoke-type regulation, permitting continuous adjustment of the welding current, opening the way for the invention of semiconductors in 1955 used in Fronius welding rectifiers making convenient D.C welding a reality.

inpage4In 1981, Fronius unveiled the world’s first ever-primary transistor-switched power source (Trans Arc 500). The inverter technology used not only brings such advantages as low weight and volume, but also and even more importantly opens up hitherto unheard-of new possibilities in terms of welding technology.

Over the years Fronius has evolved into a world leader in welding machines and accessories. These include all types of welding machines, welding rectifiers, welding torches and welding automated units. Presently, our stock of welding machines cut across the three welding types of TIG, MIG/MAG and ARC of various levels of amperage. Also, the durability, efficiency and the machine ability to cope with long duty cycle are among other strengths of Fronius products over competing brands. Thus, your decision to purchase any of the Fronius Welding Machines is a worthwhile investment.