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Gottwald Port Technology was founded in the year 1906 and in its over 100 years of existence has continued to produce distinctive, technologically outstanding products offering maximum consumer benefits.

This company, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany has put in place, excellent infrastructure to maintain its lead as Port Equipment, most especially Harbour Cranes, Automated Guided Vehicles, AGV Fleets, Automated Stacking Cranes and Control Software.

Gottwald Port Technologies is ISO 9001 Certified and is part of the world renowned DEMAG CARNES AG of Germany.

As a group, they are one of the leading providers of cranes and crane components and services, harbour cranes and port automation technology worldwide.


Gottwald Port Technology produces Diesel-Electric Mobile Harbour Cranes with capacities from 18 to 200t. Some of its technical features include:

  • Lifting capacities up to 200t
  • Radii up to 56m
  • Professional 4-rope grab cranes (for high capacity bulk handling)

Prepared for external power supply from harbour mains.

  • Serves ships up to cape size vessels
  • Available as Mobile Harbour Cranes, Portal Harbour Crane, and Harbour pontoon Crane

Delivery time is short, thanks to an advance order programme being implemented with
Gottwaldpartner companies world-wide.

Kresta Laurel Limited is Gottwald’s exclusive representative in Nigeria, working in partnership with this leading name to offer distinctive Port Logistic Solution (Consulting Services, Process Planning, Software Development etc) in addition to sales and service of Harbour Cranes.

Being a member of this worldwide network offers the advantage of direct and immediate, sophisticated technical support for Gottwald Harbour Crane users in Nigeria.